It all started in 1970 when Ivan Piatanesi decided to start his own business. After years of experience in the suspension and under car trade he began ” Stable Wheel Alignment and Suspension”. Since those early times vehicles have progressed with better and more complex suspension to give the motorist a better ride with better handling. Ivan and his sons have continued the family business gaining more and more experience as the years have gone by.

After a few name changes to accurately reflect the services we can offer the motoring public, SA Suspension Centre was born. With son Warren at the helm and Ivan still having a guiding input, SA Suspension Centre is growing rapidly.

We are the largest South Australian distributor for King Springs, one of the main distributors for KYB Shock Absorbers and the leading Whiteline Performance Centre in the state. We can also recondition driveshafts and steering components.

SA Suspension now has 11 staff and a dedicated rapid response delivery system to ensure fast and reliable supply of stock to your door. We have grown to specialise not only in suspension but everything under car from driveshafts to track preparation and setup.

Ivan’s ideas and ways of looking after the customer are still in practice today, rigorously upheld by his son and all the staff. The customer is most important at SA Suspension Centre.