If I lower my vehicle do I need to change the shocks?

This depends upon the individual vehicle & the amount you wish to lower the vehicle. Our trained staff can advise you on your requirement.

I have brought lowered springs but they are the same height (or taller) as the old ones when I stand them next to each other, does this mean I have been sold the wrong ones?

Not necessarily many springs are progressive rate and are design to remain captive in the standard spring seats therefore they are the same or similar height when unloaded but will be lower when the weight of the vehicle is lowered on to them.

I have fitted 1 inch lowered springs and now my vehicle now sits higher!

Lowered spring height is calculated from the standard factory height. If your old springs have sagged or the original springs been previously replaced you may not achieve the reduction in height you require – that is why it is preferred to bring your vehicle or provide a required hub to guard measurement. This allows our experienced staff to provide you with the correct springs the first time. (Call SA Suspension Centre for more information on how to correctly measure your vehicles current height). The suspension on your vehicle is designed to keep your tyre in constant contact with the road surface whilst providing a comfortable ride for the occupants, to achieve this all components must be matched together. Factory engineers spend many hours developing your vehicle suspension to achieve this, that is why you should not trust your vehicle suspension to just anyone.